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4 Accessories to Help You Maximize Your Weight Lifting Routine

4 Accessories to Help You Maximize Your Weight Lifting Routine

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The best weight lifting accessories aren’t about the trendiest styles or the biggest bling. What matters are the accessories that help you get the most out of your performance, whether you are training for your next competition or lifting to look better in a bathing suit. Even the smallest accessories can have a huge impact on your training success, so check out our recommendations:


The right pair of shoes can make a huge difference on your weight lifting performance and safety. A skateboarding type of shoe that has a thick sole is the way to go as the soles on these shoes tend to grip the floor, giving you more stability and strength. In contrast, when you wear a soft shoe—such as one that reduces running impact—you will not have a secure stance, and your power in movements such as squats and overhead presses is reduced.


One way to stay consistent and get the most out of your lifting routine is to know where you came from and have a plan for where you are going. Tracking your progress in a journal, notebook, or electronically is a great way to monitor your workouts and to see where you need to make changes. For instance, if you notice a plateau in your bench press, examine your triceps workout to see if you are selecting exercises that are hitting all three heads, which will boost strength in your press.

Resistance Band

An exercise resistance band is the perfect traveling accessory. If you are unable to get to the gym, it provides a total-body resistance workout. At the gym, you can tie both ends to a pull-up bar and place your knees on it if you need assistance. To create extra resistance, tie both ends to the ends of a barbell and stand on the middle of the band for exercises such as arm curls, or sit on the band during an overhead press. The small amount of added resistance challenges your muscles to act.


Finally, deck yourself out with a great pair of weight lifting gloves, which can make the ultimate difference in your workout. A pair of neoprene gloves that protects your hands from damage and also soaks up sweat to keep you safe is an ideal option. Weight lifting gloves also prevent calluses which can delay workout progress.

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