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5 Advantages of Wearing Weight Lifting Gloves for Cross-Fit

5 Advantages of Wearing Weight Lifting Gloves for Cross-Fit

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When it comes to deciding whether or not to wear gloves for a Cross-Fit workout, many fall on one side of the fence. This is not an issue with a lot of ambiguity: CrossFitters are either glove wearers, or they’re not. If you’re considering whether to wear weight lifting gloves during CrossFit, consider these five benefits:

1. Improved hygiene. When using equipment, or when placing your hands on the mat during your Cross-Fit workouts, you may be exposed to harmful bacteria, viruses and fungus, according to the University of Cincinnati. Not all gym users have perfect hygiene, and an open sore on your hands may allow bacteria to enter. Gloves help to keep you healthier with allowing you less exposure to bacteria, such as MRSA.

2. Skin protection. Wearing gloves during Cross-Fit also helps you keep your hands smooth and callus-free. You may enjoy the stigma of having callused hands as it is a symbol that you’re a badass, but people can tell that from seeing your muscle structure, alone. Gloves help prevent blistered and callused hands and also reduce abrasions caused by rough equipment, which can also be possible entry sites for bacteria and viruses.

3. Enhanced grip. A solid workout glove helps you to improve your grip while weight lifting or performing other exercises, says the experts at IDEA Health and Fitness Association. This is especially beneficial during Cross-Fit pull-ups and deadlifts. If your hands are small, you may enjoy the added security of a glove, especially when you sweat. Gloves can absorb excess sweat on your hands and prevent equipment from slipping, such as during a kettlebell swing.

4. Increased support. Some gloves are minimal and provide basic coverage to prevent calluses. Other gloves add support to grip strength or have the additional benefit of a wrist strap. This can be especially helpful if you have weak wrists as a result of injuries. Cross-Fit gloves help you to challenge your muscles beyond the limitations of your wrists. 5. Pressure reduction. Wearing gloves during Cross-Fit may also help to reduce pressure on your hands. If you feel your lifting ability is being held back because your hands are uncomfortable, gloves offer an easy solution.

The best lifting gloves for Cross-Fit are the ones that fit you well and provide the benefits you need. For example, if you want gloves to provide support, look for a pair that has wrists wraps included. If you are purely seeking protection from germs, you want a light-weight glove that does not slip, yet covers most of your exposed skin.

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