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5 Benefits of Weight Lifting for Cardio-Focused Females

5 Benefits of Weight Lifting for Cardio-Focused Females

weight lifting benefits for women

If your exercise routine is limited to the cardio section of the gym and you are not seeing the results you desire, you might want to consider putting on a pair of gloves, venturing into the unknown, and starting a weight lifting routine.

The benefits of weight lifting for women are numerous. Lifting weights as part of your workout routine can help you reduce injuries, improve your posture, and boost your mood. Below we share five more reasons you should take up weight lifting.

5 Major Benefits of Weight Lifting For Women

1. Helps you lose weight.

Yes, your cardio workout burns calories while you are using the machine, but what if you could also burn more calories throughout the day? You can do this by increasing the amount of muscle tissue you have. Muscle—which you build through weight lifting—burns calories all day long to maintain its strength. This results in an increase to your metabolism and boosts weight loss.

2. Builds your strength without bulking you up.

Many women are hesitant to begin lifting weights because they fear they’ll build huge muscles and be unable to fit into their clothes. This is a misconception, as women typically do not have the hormones needed to increase muscle size to such an extreme. Instead, a well-rounded lifting routine that targets your major muscle groups will result in a stronger, more slender you. Your toned muscles will look good in or out of clothes, and you’ll be able to lift heavier objects more easily.

3. Reduces bone loss.

This is an especially important benefit for women. As women age and their level of estrogen decreases, bone density also tends to fall off, which can lead to osteoporosis and other medical issues. To combat this loss, weight training increases the stress on the bones which sends a signal to deposit new bone tissue. Women of all ages receive bone-boosting benefits from weight lifting, especially from a free-weight routine, so it’s never too late to incorporate lifting into your weekly program.

4. Lessens your stress.

When you lift weights, your body releases endorphins. These neurotransmitters send a signal to your brain that you are relaxed and happy. Start your day off with a 30-minute lifting session to elevate your mood for the remainder of the day, or stop by the gym after work to release stress from a long day. Your body and mind will thank you.

5. Boosts self-confidence.

If you have never lifted weights before, you may be unsure of how to use machines or lift free weights. Conquering your fear helps to boost your self-confidence, and so does seeing the amount of weight you can lift steadily increase.

Take advantage of the amazing benefits weight lifting provides women and hit your gym’s weight room today.

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