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5 Key Features of the Best Workout Gloves for Women  

5 Key Features of the Best Workout Gloves for Women  

best workout glovesAlthough similar to men’s workout glove needs, women require a few additional key features in their weight lifting gloves. The best workout gloves for women include features such as:

Adequate hand and finger coverage. The beauty of wearing workout gloves is they protect your hands from getting rough. You do not want to risk calluses or cuts on your palms when you are ready for a heavy lifting session. You do want adequate coverage the protects the palm and finger pads instead of simply looking the part. Workout gloves for women need to offer effective coverage without going overboard and covering every inch of open skin.

Easy to wear. Your weight lifting gloves are useful for a variety of exercises, but you may also want to slip them off quickly for body weight exercises or restroom needs. A glove that easily slides off so you can perform other tasks, but then just as easily glides on is ideal for fast-paced and effective workouts.

Mask odors. Most people are bothered by the smell of old sweat. You probably don’t want the smell of a previous workout on you all day. If gloves are smelly, your locker, purse, gym bag or car may begin to smell too. Although you are proud of your fitness commitment, you do not want the smell of sweat to follow you. Gloves made of materials that suppress odors are best.

Smaller sizes. Women’s hands are typically smaller than men’s hands. If the glove company has sizes only for men, you may find yourself struggling with excess material that bulges and interferes with your grip. If a glove is very thick it also changes the size of your grip making it awkward to transition to exercises that may not require the use of gloves such as pull-ups. You want your grip to remain consistent so it continues to strengthen. Smaller gloves or pads that slip on your fingers are ideal to keep consistent grip size and reduce your concern over extra material.

Room for nails. If you enjoy painting your fingernails or wearing artificial nails, you need gloves that will not get in the way. Workout gloves should not cause damage to the nails. Fingerless gloves are the best option to reduce contact with nails or risk removal of polish from material rubbing against the nail. Plus, fingerless gloves also will not bleed colors onto your nails which interferes with your manicure.

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