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5 Tips for Maximizing Your Weight Training in Minimum Time

5 Tips for Maximizing Your Weight Training in Minimum Time

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Your time is the most valuable gift you have, and it’s one of the best things you can give to someone else. Time also, it seems, is one thing you are limited on for yourself. To make the most of your time at the gym, try these maximized weight training tips:

5 Weight Training Tips to Maximize Your Workouts

1. Use Dumbbells. Instead of moving from machine to machine and using up time to set the proper adjustments, pick up a pair of dumbbells and perform a non-stop workout. You can quickly shift from biceps curls to single-leg squats, or shoulder presses to triceps extensions without setting down the weights or moving across the gym.

2. Do Circuit Training. Set up a circuit workout by preparing your exercises before you get to the gym. During circuit training, you move from one exercise to the next without a rest in between. The goal is to perform a total-body workout, which can be accomplished within 30 minutes. An example circuit includes push-ups, squats, core exercises, lunges, arm curls, dead lifts, triceps extensions, calf raises, shoulder presses and back rows. Repeat the circuit two or three times without a break and this maximized routine will take you minimum time.

3. Add Cardio. Incorporate cardiovascular training into your gym session by performing an interval workout. After a set of weight training, jog in place, jump rope, do jumping jacks or mountain climbers for 30 seconds. Complete your second set and then dive into another cardio exercise. Continue in this style for the duration of your workout to minimize your total gym time.

4. Avoid the Gym Post-Work. The hours after work are typically the most crowded and you may have to wait for the equipment you need. When you’re in a hurry this does not work. Instead, aim to get your workout in before work or during lunch. Or, if you’re really pressed for time, head home and complete a bodyweight training session with push-ups, pull-ups, lunges, planks, burpees, squats, sit-ups, and lunges.

5. Try it Tabata-Style. A Tabata workout consists of 8 sets of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. You can apply this training style to your weight lifting sessions too. For example, perform 20 seconds of squats at a fast pace and then rest for 10 seconds. Repeat for 8 sets. Other exercises you can use include a swing, clean, snatch, lunge, wood chop, burpee, deadlift, shoulder press, arm curl and arm extension.

We hope these weight training tips will help motivate you to maximize your workout while minimizing your time spent in the gym.

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