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3 Toning Back Workouts for Women Who Lift

3 Toning Back Workouts for Women Who Lift

back workouts for womenHaving the look and feel of a toned back is something to take pride in. And when it comes to back workouts for women who lift, every exercise should be chosen with getting the results you want in mind.

Get started toning your back with these moves, and you’ll soon be wanting to wear every y-backed tank you can find. Grab a pair of your favorite weight lifting gloves for hand protection then blast out two or three sets of these powerful moves.

3 Toning Back Workouts for Women Who Lift You Need to Try

  1. Bent-Over Long-Bar Row: Use a barbell and your raw power to enhance your middle back. Place one end of the barbell on the floor against something stable such as a box, or in a corner for additional stability. Straddle the bar and face the opposite end. Wrap both hands around the bar just below the weight plates. Fold forward from the waist and bend your knees slightly. Begin with your arms straight, then exhale, bend your elbows and pull your hands toward your waist. Contract your shoulder blades as you lift. Inhale and slowly lower the bar to the starting position. To see this move performed in person, check out this video from Bodybuilding.com.
  1. Alternating Row: Stand with your feet hips-distance apart. Place two kettlebells on the floor in front of your toes. Bend your knees as you push back your hips and lean forward to grasp the kettlebells. Lift the weights off the floor and face your gloved-palms toward your legs. Maintain the forward bend position as you bend your right elbow and raise the kettlebell toward your right hip. As you lift the kettlebell, gradually turn your hand so your palm faces in. Slowly lower the kettlebell next to your left hand and repeat the exercise with your left arm. Check out our blog post for more kettlebell exercises for women.
  1. Lat Pull-Down: One of the best back workouts for women are lat pull-downs. Attach a lat bar to a top pulley of a cable machine. Select one that has a seat, or slide a flat bench next to the cables. Grasp the bar with your hands slightly wider than your shoulders or along the bends of the bar. Sit on the bench, lean slightly backward and keep your arms extended overhead. Exhale, bend your elbows and lower the bar to the top of your chest. Squeeze your elbows toward your sides to contract your lats. Pause for one second and then straighten your arms and slowly release the bar overhead. The weight stack should not touch in this extended position, which keeps tension on your muscles.
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