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How to Choose the Best Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps

How to Choose the Best Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps

Black-white-Gripad-WristWeight lifting wrist wraps are an optional, yet effective, workout tool. Wrist wraps protect your wrists from heavy weight loads by keeping them stable and in alignment. When you wear wrist wraps, you protect the nerves and small bones in your wrists and are able to boost your workout effectiveness since you are able to lift heavier weight loads. Not all wrist wraps are created equal though. You want to choose the best weight lifting wrist wraps for your workouts, so keep in mind the following:

Ease of Use- Some wrist wraps, such as loop straps are made of cloth or leather, and do not remain connected to your wrist. You wrap the cloth around your wrist and then around the bar at the beginning of each exercise. It is not easy to wrap a piece of cloth around a bar with one hand, so these may not be the easiest to use. Other wrist wraps, velcro around your wrists and remain in place throughout your complete workout session. This requires less adjusting and a faster workout.

Purpose for Use- Are you using your wrist wraps to protect your wrists or to help you hold onto a bar? Some wrist wraps have attached hooks to secure a barbell or pull-up bar to your hands. Others strengthen and support your wrists to avoid injuries. Know your purpose so you have a better idea which type of wrist wrap is best for you.

Ability to Use- Wrist wraps that remain securely in place are ones you will use. No extra thought is required- you wrap them around your wrists at the beginning of the workout and leave them on until the end. Also, keep in mind the fit of the straps when considering your ability to use them. Can you put them on with one hand? Do the wrist wraps adjust for different hand and wrist sizes? Some have two thumb loops to fit different sized hands. Pay attention to the material of the wrist wraps. Velcro is convenient bit you want Velcro that won’t attach to your gym shorts, socks or the inside of your gym bag. Are the wrist wraps marked for left and right-handed use? This also increases your ability to use the wraps properly and easily.

Wrist wraps and weight lifting gloves pair well together to enhance your workout performance. Protect your wrists and hands with wraps and gloves and realize your full workout potential- minus any injuries.

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