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5 Features that Make for the Best Workout Gloves

5 Features that Make for the Best Workout Gloves

workout-glovesThe best workout gloves are the ones you will use. If gloves are difficult to put on, uncomfortable, or not supportive, chances are they will find a permanent home in the bottom of your gym bag. When selecting functional workout gloves, consider these 5 features that make for the best fit:

1. Coverage

Your workout gloves do not need to cover every line on your hands. Consider a glove that focuses on the areas that make contact with a bar or exercise equipment. Avoid choosing a glove that encases your hands, wrists, or even your forearms as you may find the sweat, smell, and limited mobility to be a deterrent from the palm-covering benefits. A smaller glove or pad is sufficient to protect your palms and leave the rest of your hands free.

2. Thickness

The feel of the bar in your hands is essential to a good workout. Thick gloves that feel squishy may interfere with your lifting form and grip strength. A smaller, thin glove made of quality material protects your hands from calluses without interfering with your form.

3. Affordability

The best workout gloves are ones that will not break your budget. Yes, gloves are an essential tool, but you also want to afford your gym membership. Choose a glove that has the durability and protection needed at the best price.

4. Ease of Use

Select weight lifting gloves that are easy to use. If you struggle to put on the gloves, you’ll soon avoid them. Instead, select gloves that slide on easily and are removed easily when you need to use the restroom or change the music on your player.

5. Odor-Free Material

You want people to know you’ve been working out, but not by the smell of your gloves or hands. The best workout gloves feature neoprene fabric which is resistant to heat, odor, sun damage and twisting. A neoprene glove is a quality, long-lasting option that keeps you stink-free.
Select a pair of workout gloves that easily fit your style without interfering with your workout or budget. Quality workout gloves are a simple addition to your gear and save your hands from painful calluses and abrasions.
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