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7 Best Advantages of Wearing Weight Lifting Gloves  

weight lifting tips

You wear gloves to protect your hands for many tasks such as yard working, dish washing, floor scrubbing, auto repairing, house painting and hair coloring. So why wouldn’t you would wear gloves to protect your hands during weight-lifting activities as

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5 Key Features of the Best Workout Gloves for Women  

best workout gloves

Although similar to men’s workout glove needs, women require a few additional key features in their weight lifting gloves. The best workout gloves for women include features such as: Adequate hand and finger coverage. The beauty of wearing workout gloves

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Top 5 Things to Consider Before Buying Crossfit Gloves  

crossfit gloves

CrossFit workouts are intense sessions that bring great results. Since your hands are essential for many of the exercises, you need to protect them from calluses that can slow your progress. Gloves also provide cushioning for body movements and offer

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Lifting Wrist Wraps for CrossFit Training

Lifting Wrist Wraps

The term CrossFit has become an everyday word in almost all households. Even if you have not participated in a CrossFit workout, you likely know someone who has or you have heard about the intense fitness programs at a local CrossFit gym.

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Gripads: Discover Belinda Kiriakou’s Favorite Workout Gloves

Belinda Kiriakou

Fitness professionals, such as Belinda Kiriakou, know the protection from Gripad’s gloves is unlike any other workout glove. Belinda Kiriakou inspires fitness in herself and others. As a top IFBB Professional fitness athlete and model, Belinda understands the importance of improving

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Boost Your Physique with These Top 10 Home Workouts for Men

Home Workouts for Men2

Convenience is only one of the benefits of home workouts for men. In addition, you are able to work out at any time of the day, can wear anything or nothing at all, and are free to listen to your

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5 Features that Make for the Best Workout Gloves


The best workout gloves are the ones you will use. If gloves are difficult to put on, uncomfortable, or not supportive, chances are they will find a permanent home in the bottom of your gym bag. When selecting functional workout

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After-Workout Soreness

What Makes Muscles Sore

The day after an intense workout, when every movement, turn of the steering wheel and reach into the cupboard reminds you of your exercise session, you either smile with satisfaction or cringe in pain. You know you’ve protected yourself. You

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5 Cures for Muscle Pain After a Workout

Muscle Pain After a Workout

Muscle pain after a workout is often an unwelcome friend. You know it’s going to happen, and you are familiar with it, but your goal is to minimize the visit. You do not have to let muscle pain and soreness

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Weight Training for Weight Loss is the Way to Go

Weight Training for Weight Loss

Hundreds of thousands of people are trying to lose weight, but what is the best way for you? The variety of weight-loss products available are enough to make your head spin. Do you restrict your calories? Avoid gluten? Perform two

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Top 10 Back Exercises for Men

Back Exercises for Men

The top 10 back exercises for men target each muscle group from your neck to your hips. When designing your back routine, aim to include a variety of back exercises for men that will give you the wings you want,

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Top 5 Grip Strength Exercises for Beginners


Grip strength makes or breaks your workout progress. Regardless of how strong your biceps, deltoids or pectorals are, if your grip cannot handle the weight load, your muscles will not be challenged to make improvements. Fortunately, the muscles of your

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