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Crossfit or Regular Weight Training: How to Decide What’s Right for You

Crossfit or Regular Weight Training: How to Decide What’s Right for You

Weight Training vs. Crossfit: Which is Better?

Weight training is one of the most efficient ways to tone your frame, gain strength and add muscle. You can use your fitness grips to lift weights the traditional way, or you can follow a more structured program, like Crossfit. There are pros and cons to both methods, but this guide will help you decide which is best for you.

Pros and Cons of CrossFit

Pro: Many people enjoy being part of the CrossFit community. The program has cultivated a devoted group of followers who offer support and tips on CrossFit websites and at events and centers around the country. Members often cite the motivation and comradery as the main key factors to staying sticking with their workouts and creating and achieving their fitness goals more rapidly. Con: The CrossFit method is more structured and often more intense than traditional weightlifting. The program includes exercises that require bursts of energy and power, and you repeat them over and over. While this new method burns calories quickly, you also run the risk of injury as you complete the wide range of movements required by CrossFit. *So, if you have trouble sticking to routines solo, CrossFit may provide you with the discipline and group factor that you need. Most importantly, pay attention to your form and don’t so more than your body can handle to prevent injury. Working your way up is always a good idea.

Pros and Cons of Weight Training

Pro: One of the best benefits of weight training, when compared to CrossFit, is that you can set your own pace. You have the freedom to start slowly with light free weights and work your way up to a more strenuous or demanding program. You are more in control of your own program, and you can cater your workouts to meet your individual needs. Con: Most people that begin a weight training regimen do so alone and with little research. This can lead to injury or no results. Be sure to consult with an accredited personal trainer that can teach you proper form and help you with a regimen that is appropriate for your body. Many gyms offer at least one session with a trainer as part of a membership. *Regular weight training seems to be most effective for those that do thorough research, plan their workouts, and are self-motivators. Yet, although weight lifting is less organized than CrossFit, you can still find a community of other fitness folks who can offer advice and support, and even find a buddy to keep you on track. Both workouts are beneficial, and which one you choose depends on your personal goals and preferences. No matter which program you decide to follow, the important thing is to grab your weight lifting grips and start moving! Do you love CrossFit, or are you more devoted to traditional weight training? Share your favorite workout and why you love it with our readers in the comments section below!
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