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CrossFit Tips for Safe and Effective Workouts

CrossFit Tips for Safe and Effective Workouts   CrossFit is all the rage in fitness circles and those who participate boast amazing results. This combination of strength training and cardio exercises completed as fast as possible is here to stay, but some wonder if CrossFit programs are safe?   For the average person, who rarely frequents the gym and spends more time on the couch than the treadmill, CrossFit is probably not the best choice. For those familiar with proper lifting form and exercise basics, CrossFit can provide a great opportunity for breaking free from exercise boredom and making new friends in a tight-knit Cross-Fit Box. However, many people who are looking for something beyond the normal gym routine jump right in to CrossFit without preparation.   Know Your Limits   Before you start a CrossFit program, be sure you know your own limits. While it may be common to see CrossFit participants push themselves to the point of vomiting, this may not be the wisest decision for your health. Know your limits and push as close to that limit as possible until it becomes easier, then push a little further until you’re outside your comfort zone.   Get the Gear   Be prepared for whatever exercises you may encounter during your WOD with proper safety equipment. Blisters, rope burns on shins, and bruises do not have to be a part of CrossFit with careful preparation. Using CrossFit gloves like Gripads can help save your hands and help you perform better. Using the proper gear allows you to maintain proper form and get more from your workout.   Be Prepared   CrossFit workouts are anything but boring, but be sure to ask questions and understand the exercises before you start. Prepare yourself mentally by running through the exercises and stations in your mind. This will help you transition more smoothly and shave a few seconds off your overall time. When it comes to timed exercises like CrossFit, the old Boy Scouts motto holds true: Be Prepared. Have the gear you need to perform each exercise efficiently and safely.   Know Your Instructor   While CrossFit programs seem to be popping up everywhere, be sure to choose a program from a certified CrossFit Affiliate Box. Participating in a program put together by an amateur can set you up for serious injury. Safety is the number one priority with all fitness. If you’re unsure of an exercise, feel free to opt out or substitute something similar you are comfortable with. You may not get the full benefits intended by the instructor, but you’ll also be avoiding injury. Don’t be afraid to ask about your instructor’s qualifications and ask questions when you need more information about any part of your WOD.   What tips do you have to help new CrossFitters stay safe during workouts?  
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