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Get Beach-Ready Triceps and Biceps in 30 Minutes

Get Beach-Ready Triceps and Biceps in 30 Minutes

If you want to look and feel great on the beach this summer, all you need is thirty minutes and a pair of gym gloves. Make this 30-minute workout part of your regular routine to build stronger, sexier, more toned arms!

Step One: Warm Up

Get your heart pumping and open your lungs by jogging in place for one minute, then warm up your arms and shoulders by doing arm circles both forward and backward for four minutes.

Step Two: Push Ups and Side Planks

Wearing your workout grips to prevent slipping, get into the basic pushup position. Engage your core and do one regular pushup. As you push up, transition into a side plank position. Balance in the position for a few seconds, then roll back to the basic pushup position and repeat the move.

Step Three: Half-Moons

While in the basic pushup position, slowly create a “half moon” shape by using your arms to move your upper body off to the side. Keep your feet in the original position, engage your core and move your body to the right until you reach a 45-degree position. Repeat the move on the right side.

Step Four: “A” Press Ups

While wearing your workout grips for stability, get into the standard plank position. Slowly create an “A” shape with your body by walking your feet towards your hands. Keep your neck in line with your back, slowly lower your body down and, in a controlled motion, press up.

Step Five: Half to Full Plank

Rest on your forearms in the half plank position. Keep the plank position while moving from your forearms to your hands. One at a time, lift yourself from your forearms to your hands so you assume the full plank position. Lower back down to your forearms, keeping your movement constant. What are your favorite bicep and tricep blasting moves? Share your best beach-ready workouts with our readers in the comments below!
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