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The Best Hand Protection Gloves For your Workout

The Best Hand Protection Gloves For your Workout

Find Hand Protection that Best Supports Your Workout Plan

Your workout plan is on track, your goals are set, and you’re ready to go. You’ve got everything planned out down to the smallest detail. Your gym schedule is established, your workout partners are at your side, and your support team is fully behind you. But have you paid enough attention to your gear? The success of your entire plan may depend on the quality of a simple thing like the gloves you use while lifting weights. In addition to sturdy shoes and proper clothing, you’ll need to find hand protection gloves that can spare your palms from the abrasions and injuries that can set your progress back. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind.

Hand Protection: Why Choose GRIPAD® gloves

  1. Traditional hand protection gloves cover your whole hand, which can actually restrict your movements and interfere with your technique. GRIPAD®s only cover your vulnerable palms, so your hands can move freely and naturally. Just slide on a pair of Gripads and forget you’re wearing them.
  1. Old fashioned leather or vinyl hand protection gloves can also act as traps for sweat, grime and mildew. Since GRIPAD®s don’t cover your whole hand, your skin can breathe and you don’t have to worry about clamminess or germs.
  1. GRIPAD®s look and feel soft, but don’t be fooled. These little pads are 4 layers and made from super durable double-stitched neoprene that can stand up to the toughest workout challenge.
  1. GRIPAD®s keep your whole body safe, not just your hands. With weak hand protection (or none at all), it’s easy to lose control over heavy barbells and other equipment. Nothing sets you back faster than an injury, and the most avoidable injuries often come from dropped weights or lost grips on bars and ropes.
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