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5 Grip Strength Exercises You Need to Try

5 Grip Strength Exercises You Need to Try

grip strength exercisesGrip strength, or lack thereof, can significantly affect your weight lifting routine. The good news is: you can increase grip strength with specific hand-improving exercises. Add one or two of the exercises below to your weekly routine and notice the difference right away.

5 Grip Strength Exercises That Will Enhance Your Overall Workout

1. Hand Gripper: A hand gripper is a small tool that you can use anywhere. It has a coiled spring at the top and two handles with plastic or vinyl covering on them. Squeeze the handles together and continue until your grip fails. Finish two or three sets on each hand.

2. Suitcase: The suitcase is one of the most uniquegrip strength exercises you can perform. Set a barbell onto a rack (make sure the rests are set at a low position, somewhere near your knees). Stand with your right side next to the barbell and grasp the bar in the center. Lift the bar off the supports and then lower the bar until your arm is mostly straight. Hold onto the barbell for 30 seconds to one minute. Gradually increase your hold time to improve your grip strength. Repeat on the opposite hand and complete two or three sets on each.

3. Plate Pass: Hold onto one or two weight plates. If holding two, press the smooth sides together. Grasp the weights between your thumb and fingers. There are two grip strength exercisesyou can complete using the plates: for the first exercise, pass the plates between your legs, reach behind and grasp the plates with the other hand and bring it over your leg to the front. Continue the movement in one direction for 8 to 10 repetitions and then reverse. For the second exercise, pass the plates in a circle around your waist as if following the outline of a hula hoop. Perform an equal number of revolutions in each direction.

4. Finger Extension: For this next exercise, you’ll need to purchase a special rubber loop to wrap around your fingers. Then as you are separating your fingers, push against the resistance to strengthen your grip. Or, choose a variety of rubber bands and wrap those around your fingers as you separate them.

5. Lever Grip Machine: Some gyms may offer a lever grip machine. Sit facing the handles and then grasp the handles in your right hand with your thumb facing up. Squeeze the handles together and then slowly release.

Remember to wear hand grips to improve your hold on the equipment, reduce slipping from sweating and to buffer your hands against calluses.

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