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Belinda Kiriakou, IFBB Pro

Special Edition Belinda Kiriakou Purple Gripad

Top IFBB Pro Bikini Athlete Belinda Kiriakou, and Fight2BeFit gym owner, Canada’s leading fitness, weight-loss and lifestyle facility; knows the importance of training to keep fit & healthy. This experience gives Belinda a unique perspective on where #BeautyMeetsFitness in her collaboration with Gripad. She is constantly using her hands running a company and their health depends on remaining youthful, supple and dexterous. But all this hard training should not compromise your beauty either! Train hard and look fashionable while doing so; without apologies. Gripads are perfect for anyone, women or men, on a journey to a healthier life. Belinda has been using Gripad workout gloves for over five years and is excited to partner with us on creating her very own: Belinda Purple Gripads inserting her individual style. She has enjoyed the comfort, durability and flexibility of Gripad provides for years. Why hassle with annoying, smelly and sweaty workout gloves? No more! Let Belinda Gripads workout grips cover your hands just like second skin while you train to be your best! Belinda uses her Gripad weight training gloves daily whether it resistance training, athletic conditioning, HIIT training, or full body workouts… sometimes even yoga. Whenever you feel unmotivated, know that Belinda herself is there giving you that extra push! Just whisper her mantra: #Strength&Balance –“May you always bring these two qualities more into your everyday life.” Get your Belinda Gripads workout gloves today! Strength and Balance
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