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NBCF-Brand-Standards-Condensed Breast Cancer Awareness Workout Gear & Apparel A portion of the profits from our pink weight lifting gloves are donated to help provide mammograms for women.


Our company believes that an active and healthy lifestyle is the key to happiness, and we’re committed to this idea in good times as well as in times of challenge and adversity.  As a matter of fact, we believe that even when personal circumstances are unfair and seem overwhelming, the commitment to an active lifestyle only promotes and improves healthy outcomes.  With our pledge to active and healthy living in mind, we have partnered with the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) to help join the fight to find a cure for breast cancer. Our company’s philosophy rests upon the principles of succeeding in athletic goals and not giving in to any battle, including illness. Our philosophy complements NBCF’s goals, and it was a logical step for us to partner with them to help find a cure through the creation of our breast cancer awareness workout gear. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) reports that physical activity is a critical component of energy balance and thereby physical activity does measurably influence good health. They have sponsored several studies that have found links between physical activity and a reduced risk of breast cancer among other cancers, and their research continues to support the merits of a physically active lifestyle and its positive contribution in the fight against cancer.


With every purchase of our NBCF Pink Ribbon weight lifting gloves, a portion of the proceeds goes to help women enrolled in various NBCF programs. Some programs, like Beyond the Shock and MYNBCF, help cancer victims cope with the devastating news and courses of treatment, while others, such as their National Mammography Program, provide financial aid for women.  We are proud to be a contributor to all of these excellent programs, and to help facilitate your donations through our breast cancer awareness workout gear.  The NBCF’s goals and objectives are ultimately the same as Gripad’s, and we both have a genuine dedication to helping find a cure for breast cancer, and  assisting those in need.  Please join us by purchasing our breast cancer awareness apparel, including our NBCF Pink Ribbon weight lifting Gripads, for all of your lifting and cross training needs. Feel good about your workout while feeling good about helping others.
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