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Gripad Elite

GRIPAD ELITE – THE ULTIMATE GRIPAD LIFTING GLOVES You already know that GRIPAD weight lifting grips are superior to traditional weight lifting gloves, and now we have developed them even further. Meticulously designed to provide a firm and comfortable, dynamic grip, and constructed from the strongest, most durable Neoprene available; GRIPAD ELITE (R) delivers the perfect workout experience.


GRIPAD ELITE (R) FEATURES SHARK SKIN SURFACE GRIPAD weight lifting grips minimize impact and injury whether you’re lifting hand weights or barbells; or rowing and rope climbing during a Crossfit workout.  It’s Neoprene fabrication with the additional SHARK SKIN SURFACE, delivers many advantages over typical weight lifting gloves, and it’s innovate construction allows for maximum protection with minimum hand – grip constriction.  Its flexible band design allows dynamic movement of the hand while providing greater protection from calluses, blisters, heat, sweat, odors, and color staining.   IMPROVE YOUR WEIGHT TRAINING WORKOUTS With the added strength and protection of GRIPAD ELITE (R) you can increase the challenge and effectiveness of your weight-training program.  By relieving the pressure on your hands while weight lifting, you’ll be able to lift more and lift longer while reducing the risk of slipping or spinning weights in your grip.   For Men and Women Across the Globe GRIPAD (R) and GRIPAD ELITE (R) is an integral part of their daily weight lifting workout routine   NEW FROM GRIPAD ELITE – BREAKTHROUGH STORAGE POD The GRIPAD ELITE (R) grips now come to you in their very own breathable storage pod.  The stylish and ergonomically designed pod is the ultimate accessory for your GRIPAD ELITE (R) pads.  Carry this breakthrough breathable storage pod in your gear bag at all times and have your hands ready for your next weight training workout at a moment’s notice.
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