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The Best Weight Lifting & Workout Gloves For Women

best weight lifting gloves for women, workout gloves for women



Training hard and pushing your body through weight lifting used to be considered only a man’s game, but that is not the case anymore. However, although times have changed, the fitness industry still produces most of its female weight lifting gloves with only the male anatomy in mind. But Gripad’s workout gloves for women are changing this and revolutionizing female fitness gear worldwide in the process.

One of the biggest problems experienced by women who lift weights is the fact that many brands of female weight lifting gloves leave the hands rough and callused. Just because a lady works out doesn’t mean she wants hands that are as rough as sandpaper. Gripad workout gloves for women offer all of the advantages of older fitness glove models but without the chaffing, blisters, and calluses that come along with them. And with Gripad gloves, you no longer have to worry about the bad odor that generally accompanies the use of traditional gym gloves. Our gloves feature four layers of neoprene that slick away sweat and odor, enhancing your grip and helping you maximize your workout. You really do get the best weight lifting gloves for women out there!

Gripad’s female weight lifting gloves are great for a variety of general and more intensive workouts, including: dumbbell training, bench press exercises, back exercises, bicep exercises, tricep exercises, CrossFit training, kettlebell exercises, rowing, and spinning. What’s more, we donate some of the proceeds from our workout gloves for women to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF). A portion of the profits made from our popular Pink Ribbon weight lifting gloves for women go directly to supporting breast cancer research. So, not only does your purchase support you by providing you excellent grip and cushioning during your workout, it also supports women all over the country who are suffering from this disease. Get a pair of the best weight lifting gloves for women today.

workout gloves for women, female weight lifting gloves
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