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Having a Hard Time Finding Workout Gloves For Women?

Having a Hard Time Finding Workout Gloves For Women?

Gripads: A New Workout Glove for Women

If you’re having a hard time finding weight lifting gloves that fit your hands, match your style, and stand up to your tough workouts, you’re not alone. In spite of all the varied weight lifting gloves and workout gloves on the market today, women are still at a bit of a loss in the search for appropriate hand protection. Why? We aren’t sure. More women than ever before are engaging in hard core resistance training, and these women are ready and willing to spend money for a the right pair of workout gloves. But manufacturers haven’t been very quick to respond. Traditional workout gloves still tend to be too large, too ugly, too pink, or unable to withstand the long term wear and tear of serious workout routines.

Gripads: The Workout Glove Alternative for Women

But now there’s Gripad. Gripads are designed for both men and women, and since they don’t cover and constrict the entire hand, our women’s Gripads are designed to fit perfectly. They don’t feel clumsy and oversized, and they don’t restrict your range of motion, since they simply slide on over the fingers and form a soft, durable barrier between gym equipment and your palms. Gripads are also tough. Their design is fun and stylish, but don’t be fooled. Gripads are made of super-durable, feather-light, moisture wicking neoprene. So they draw moisture away from your hands while providing a non-slip grip that stands up to countless demanding training sessions. Best of all, Gripads don’t collect moisture and sweat like traditional workout gloves. While you’re training, your hands can move and breathe naturally, so your palms are protected but your technique isn’t comprised. The gear you choose can have an enormous impact on your workout results. So before you leave for the gym, make sure you have the right shoes, the right clothes, and the right hand protection. Take your Gripads!
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