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How Much Daily Workout is Sufficient? It Depends on Your Fitness Goals

How Much Daily Workout is Sufficient? It Depends on Your Fitness Goals

thumbnailIt is one of the most-asked fitness questions: “how much do I really need to workout?” There is no one- size-fits-all answer, because the amount of time and energy you need to spend breaking a sweat with your training gloves depends on your fitness goals.

The Bare Minimum

To keep your cardiovascular health in check and maintain a healthy weight, most adults should get a minimum of 75 minutes a week of intense aerobic activity or 150 minutes a week of moderate aerobic activity. These workouts should be spread out over the course of seven days. Healthy adults should aim to get at least two strength training sessions per week, but there are no specific guidelines dictating their length. A good rule of thumb to follow is to get at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day. You can spend that time using your fitness gloves in the gym, walking the dog, cycling or gardening. Any activity that gets your heart pumping counts.

Stepping It Up a Notch

The aforementioned guidelines are the bare minimums. If you dream of having six-pack abs, an elite fitness level or bulging biceps, you are going to have to kick your exercise routine up a notch. While brief bouts of activity are a good way to get into the fitness mindset, 150 minutes a week just won’t cut it if your fitness goals are more serious. You can accomplish more with longer workouts, and your aim should be to always increase the intensity and length of your exercise. After defining your goals, work with a personal trainer to determine how much you need to exercise to reach them, then grab your fitness gloves and start working towards them! What are your fitness goals and how much do you workout each day to reach them? Share your experiences with our readers in the comments section below!
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