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How the Right Workout Gloves Can Help You Reach Your Goals

How the Right Workout Gloves Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Choosing the Right Workout Gloves

No matter what your workout goals may be, and no matter the challenges of your specific sport or activity, the gear you choose can mean the difference between steady, rapid progress and slow, frustrating results. Choose the right shoes and find clothes that wick moisture away from your skin and fit just snugly enough to stay out of your way. And as important as any other part of your gear, choose the right workout gloves. Lifting weights with your bare hands can lead to abrasions and blisters that can slow you down and even cause infection and injury. So you’ll need to protect your hands if you’re serious about making progress with your resistance training. But what kind of workout gloves provide the best benefits? Look for these features.

Effective Workout Gloves

  1. Great workout gloves can last through one tough session after another and work as hard as you do. Gripads have super-tough, double-stitched seams that stand up to any abuse you can deal out. Between workouts, you can just toss them in the washing machine, which you can’t do with gloves made of leather.
  1. Your workout gloves should protect your hands without restricting your range of motion. While traditional gloves cover the whole hand, Gripads just slide on over your fingers. With Gripads in place, your skin can breathe, your hands can move, and you can forget about your hand protection and focus on your technique.
  1. Workout gloves should wick moisture away from your skin. Traditional gloves can collect sweat, and a constantly moist environment feels unpleasant and can breed germs and mildew. Gripads don’t do this. They’re made of lightweight neoprene that keeps your palms clean and dry.
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