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How to Choose a Gym That Works for You

How to Choose a Gym That Works for You

Choosing a Gym That’s Right for You

As you put together a healthy workout plan, joining a gym can support your long term goals. But not all gyms are created equal. Range of equipment, class availability, and even the culture of a gym can have a strong impact on your results and your overall motivation. How can you find a gym that meets your needs and doesn’t stand in your way?

How to Choose a Gym that Supports Your Goals

  1. Consider the location and hours. This may be the most important feature of the gym you choose. The facility absolutely has to fit your schedule, and it should be located close to at least one of the places you frequent on a daily basis. Choose a gym within a minute or two of your home, workplace, or both. Don’t let poor access and inconvenience provide you with an easy excuse to skip workouts.
  2. Think about the type of workout plan you’ll be relying on and make sure your gym supports that plan. If you’ll be taking classes, lifting weights, swimming, or toning specific areas of the body, find out what kind of equipment and resources your gym offers before you sign up.
  3. Think about the kind of gym culture you find motivating and the kind of culture you find demoralizing. Do you want to surround yourself with lean, beautiful bodies owned by competitive people? Or would you rather find a more relaxed and friendly environment where you’ll feel comfortable progressing at your own pace?
  4. Trainer availability should play a role in your decision. Not everybody needs to workout under the guidance of a trainer, but many people benefit from the kinds of clear instructions and motivation that only a professional trainer can provide. Make sure the option is available if you choose this route.
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