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How to Conquer Your Inner Workout Bully for Maximum Results

How to Conquer Your Inner Workout Bully for Maximum Results

Banish the Workout Bully and Stay Motivated

For some, the most difficult part of exercising is doing the dreaded pull-ups, a long heart-pumping cardio class or a yoga pose that you don’t have the strength for yet.  But for many, the hardest part is staying motivated. If you have been working out with your fitness grips for a significant amount of time, odds are that something in your life has caused an exercise set-back. It may have been a pulled hamstring, sprained ankle, career change, move or just a few bad days in a row. Whatever it is, a setback can unleash your inner workout bully – you know, that little voice in your head that says “Skip your workout today!” or “Go ahead, swap your training gloves for a donut!” It is hard to keep your head up in the face of this powerful bully, but you can conquer it and get back on track by following these tips.

Use only positive words.

Instead of telling yourself “I can’t” all the time, tell yourself “I can.” Repeat it enough and you will start to believe it. Focus on the positive improvements you’ve made instead of your failures.

Be patient.

The workout bully can make you feel like you are not seeing results fast enough. Change takes time, and there are no shortcuts to getting a healthier, slimmer or more toned body. The only way to do it is to eat a healthy diet and use your fitness grips most days of the week! Keep doing what you need to in order to reach your goals, and you will see progress.

Trade your bully for a buddy.

Kick the workout bully out of your life and replace it with a workout buddy! Exercising with a friend or making connections with people who have similar interests as you is a great way to stay motivated. Choose a training partner whose goals vibe with yours, join a running group or sign up for a group fitness class at your gym. What do you do when the workout bully starts giving you doubts? Share your best tips for staying motivated in the comments below!
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