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It May be Time to Replace Your Weight Training Gloves

It May be Time to Replace Your Weight Training Gloves

How Effective are Your Weight Training Gloves?

Are your weight training gloves helping you get the most out of your workout? Or are they holding you back? Like any other element of your gear, your weight training gloves should contribute to your progress and offer returns equal to or greater than their cost. Above all else, your workout gear should be functional, stylish, and durable enough to stand up to whatever rough treatment you deal out.

Do Your Weight Lifting Gloves Make the Grade?

Ask yourself the following questions. If you answer no to any of them, consider tossing those old gloves and grabbing a pair of moisture-wicking neoprene Gripads.
  1. Do your gloves constrict your range of motion? Traditional weight lifting gloves can inhibit your movements in subtle ways you might not even recognize until you think about it. But any restricted motion, especially in your hands, can interfere with your lifting technique and hold your progress back. Gripads slide on easily and cover only the palm, leaving the rest of the hand free.
  1. Do your weight training gloves collect moisture? Gloves that cover the entire hand can accumulate must and sweat and prevent the skin from breathing properly. This means discomfort, mildew, smells, and bacteria growth. Gripads wick moisture away and allow your hands to sweat and breathe naturally.
  1. Are your weight training gloves wearing away and falling apart? Your weight lifting gloves should work as hard as you do. Choose a form of hand protection that lasts through one tough workout after another. Slide on a pair of Gripads and then forget about them. They’ll still be there at the end of this workout. And the next, and the next after that. Just toss them in the wash and then back into your gym bag as good as new.
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