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Gripad Xfit Weight Lifting Gloves – Black & Red

Black & red Gripad Xfit
Gripad X-Fit-Red_3_v1.1Gripad X-Fit-Red_2_v1.1Gripad X-Fit-Red_1_v1.1Gripad XfitGripad XfitGripad Xfit

Gripad Xfit Weight Lifting Gloves – Black & Red

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Black & Red Gripad Xfit crossfit workout weight lifting gloves!

The most durable Gripads yet!

The added special flexible rubber material at the palm side will prevent these Gripads from ever shredding!

The pad is 1 inch longer at the bottom than the Classic version which will cover your open palm entirely.

Great for Crossfit, weightlifting, pull-ups, dead-lifts and much more!

1 Size Fits Most for men and women.

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