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Should You Exercise If You’re Sick? When to Workout and When to Rest

Should You Exercise If You’re Sick? When to Workout and When to Rest

Feeling Sick? When to Workout and When to Rest

You have been great about sticking to your exercise routine, rarely missing a day. Then, suddenly, you are thrown off by the flu or a cold. What should you do? Trade the treadmill for the couch or nap through your afternoon Pilates class? The answer depends on what ails you.

If you have a fever…

Stay home. Exercising raises your internal body temperature, and working out with a fever can make you feel even sicker. If the mercury reads over 101 degrees Fahrenheit, don’t even think about reaching for your gym gloves.

If it is just a little sniffle…

Go for it. Listen to your body and stop working out if you feel like you are getting worse, but don’t be afraid to grab your weightlifting gloves and sweat a little. Tune the intensity down a bit or do a lighter, regenerating workout like Pilates or yoga.

If your symptoms are above the neck…

It is fine to exercise. If you are suffering from nasal congestion, tearing eyes, a sore throat and sneezing, it should be ok to workout.

If your symptoms are below the neck…

Stay in bed. If you experience fatigue, body aches, coughing and aching around your body, rest and drink lots of water until you feel better. The cold should be completely gone in about a week.

If you do hit the gym…

Avoid spreading your germs to others by using your GRIPAD weightlifting gloves, and a towel to wipe down every surface you may have touched while not wearing them. Wash your hands before and after you touch any equipment and use alcohol-based hand sanitizer to keep extra clean.
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