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Supplements and Your Weight Training: What You Need to Know

Supplements and Your Weight Training: What You Need to Know

The Truth About Supplements and Weight Training: What You Need to Know

Many beginner weightlifters are super enthusiastic and want results now. This impatience often leads to the exploration of various supplements, but taking pills or powders will not matter unless you have a good fitness program and diet. Developing a healthy diet is the key to achieving an appropriate nutrient balance, but supplements can help you along the way until you reach your food goals.  Like gym gloves, supplements can be part of an overall fitness plan.

Protein Supplements

Adding high quality protein to your diet can lead to improvements in muscular strength and size. Drinking a protein source that rapidly digests prior to, during, or directly after your workout can stimulate protein building and aid in recovery. Whey protein supplements get to work quickly, while casein protein digest more slowly over time. Whey is your best option during a training session, but casein protein is better if you need a protein source outside of your regular workout.  Be sure to heavily research your brand of protein powder to make sure it is the highest quality. Most companies add unnecessary sugars, corn fillers, chemicals, and more, making your choice an unhealthy one.  We like Dr. Mercola’s Whey Protein, made from the milk of organic, grass-fed, cows.

Fish Oils

Taking a high quality fish oil every day can lower your risk of developing cardiovascular disease, cancer, depression, neurological disease and speed your metabolism.  The high levels of omega-3 fatty acids found in fish like salmon or cod liver have been found to be essential to the brain, nervous system, bones, digestion and heart.  Lower quality fish oil supplements may be high in mercury and rancid with most, if not all, of the beneficial fatty acids destroyed, so invest in the best oils you can.  We highly recommend Nordic Naturals or Carlson’s brands.  Don’t like the taste of fish?  Buy veggie gel caps, or throw a tablespoon of Carlson’t Cod Liver Oil into your shake or smoothies in the morning, and you won’t even know it’s there!
So grab your high quality supplements and your weightlifting gloves and get ready to work!
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