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Crossfit Competitor

Used these for "Murph" the other day and they worked great! Protected my hands better than my gloves have in the past. Could not believe how good my hands felt after 100 pull ups.
Jonathan S


Everyone should have these!!

These things are awesome... You can easily remove them and put them back on with ease... No more bulky gloves!!!!

Anthony Navarro 05/16/2014

Liked it

Worked great and were easy to get on and off as needed during workout. Even with small hands, adding this to grip wasn't a problem.

Becki Beggs 05/16/2014

Great Buy!

Item works as advertised. What more could you ask for. Comfortable fit and helps with hand fatigue while doing pull-ups.

Eric Monroe 05/16/2014

Had a pair for years!

Okay, so I had these a long time and just fell in love with them! I like these better than the $50 VERSA Grips I have!These are so light, airy, cushiony, easy to slip on & off when ever (such as between sets, bath room breaks), improve your grip, help you focus more on form versus (damn! losing my grip!), and you can throw em' in the washer. Read another review where the user is complaining about the quality. I highly recommend these. I do all the compound lifts as well as bodybuilding accessory work and these work for everything! Oh and unassisted pull-ups/chins... These are the bee's knees!


Mayra 05/16/2014

These grip pad gloves are great item especially

These grip pad gloves are great item especially if you are lifting weights on a consist bases . They don't smell like sweat like ordinary gloves because these grip pad gloves are not concealed they are open so air can flow through...I recommend them.

Yushkah 02/19/2014

Money well spend. No lie

I will recommend to anyone that work out hard and tired of those other wack ass gloves that makes your hands hurt and work out boring.

Anthony N 12/27/2013

Great Job

Thanks a lot for your excellent service, fast shipping and great communication.

Jose D 12/27/2013

Wonderful needed accessory

Great way to work out as hard as a dude while staying the soft lady I am

Molena W. 12/20/2013

Awesome product. Fast shipping

The grips are awesome. Had them for 3 weeks now still look brand new and I haven't touched my gloves since.

Gurinder 11/30/2013

Great hand and jewelry protector.

My wife and I do CrossFit. In CF you are continually using barbells which can not only rip and tear hands, they can scratch and scuff up jewelry like wedding bands. My wife didn't want her ring to get messed up so we bought a pair of Gripads. She not only loves that she got them in pink but loves the fact that it protects her hands and her wedding ring. Gripad is great not only for CrossFitters but for all men or women who workout.

Jared B. 11/30/2013

Great customer service and great product! Lives up to it's name

I love my gripads. A friend of mine had bought them and she let me try them in our boot camp class. I did the same for another friend and now several of us are wearing them! I don't like wearing gloves during my whole workout. My hands get sweaty and it's hard to take gloves on and off quickly and this causes me delays in between sets. Gripads slip on and off with ease and really protect my hands from the nubby textured hand weights and bars. And they are great for those outdoor workouts when we are doing pushups on asphalt! It makes a huge difference in my comfort level as I never liked thick gloves because they are too hot and confining. The only small caveat is that they grip so well (live up to their name of course) that they are not ideal for swinging heavy items such as kettlebells or swinging through monkey bars. No matter, it is not really an issue as my hands can now take it. I only bring that up because as a woman, my hands were rather sensitive at first, but I've been working out for years now and must admit some callouses on my palms (thank goodness). I am just getting used to not having them on during those exercises. It hasn't caused me any problems with blisters or soreness. I highly recommend them and have purchased 4 pairs so far - one to use now, one for my daugher, and two as backups. Oh and I didn't mention that they are also machine washable!! Terrific product!

Christine Pesce 11/30/2013
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