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Gripad Xfit weight lifting gloves are amazing!

I've got to say Gripad Xfit weight lifting gloves are amazing!

I never give reviews but I felt compelled to let you know how good these gloves are!

I have been weight lifting for 25 years and these are the best gloves I've ever used!

Thank you,

Lee M.

Great product!

Love these . Wouldn't work out without them. Great product at a great price .

Amazon reviewer   March 3, 2016


I loveeeee these grip pads!

I loveeeee these grip pads! They work SO well and I'm constantly having people come up to me at the gym asking where I got them. I like that they are easier to take on and off than traditional workout gloves. A completely worthwhile investment!

on January 14, 2016

Had to get my own!

The fit of these pad are great and I just love them. If you are looking of an alternative to workout gloves then this is your product. I got my first pair from a friend and loved them and had to get my own. I miss placed that set and had to reorder and I must say I very pleased.

on February 4, 2016

I kept all my gripads since I started training in 2009!

Hi there ! For a weird reason I kept all my gripads since I started training in 2009 they helped me a lot in my fitness journey and my 105 lbs weight loss. I work in the public so I shake hands all day. I can't have my hands all thorned up and I can't wear lifting gloves.
Anyways heres the pic of my collection ! Happy new year !

Samuel G.

Have not gotten any blisters!

I was getting blisters in the top of my palm and i would end up pealing the skin off. Been using these gloves for about a month now and i have not gotten any blisters at all. Only con is i need to remove the right glove wen i want to change a song in my ipod or open my water bottle, but overall solid gloves!


Best things ever

Best things ever. I have Lupus and very sensitive skin on my hands and fingers so these are a life saver. Seriously been using these EVERYDAY for the past 2 years, my first pair lasted 2 years!


Gripad rocks!

Thanks so much for being prompt to inform me and for taking care of me as a customer.  I have been using Gripads for a while as I am a trainer myself and a client always buys them for me as gifts.  I have moved so this was my first time ordering directly from you guys, I can honestly say I love your product and am extremely impressed with this level of customer care.
Thanks so much,  you guys are doing an amazing job and it is definitely appreciated.
Gripad rocks!



Shalana 01/28/2016
Great gift for lifting

Ordered grip pads for myself and grandson. I am into weight lifting with my grandson power lifting. Pads are a high quality for the cost. Having x-large hands grip pads fit just fine. With the attachments for fingers you will not be misplacing during your work outs. Will be replacing our foam rubber lifting pads currently in use. Received grip pads quickly after ordering.

Frank 12/26/2015
Gripads are great!!

I have just started going to the gym and some of the machines were causing discomfort in my hands. These were perfect, I can't stand anything tight around my wrists like gloves and these cover the area I needed!!


Major Improvement

In all the years I have been going to the gym; have I had so many inquiries about the gripads. I have just purchased my second pair due to the level of performance they give me in my gripping power and they are much cooler than wearing gloves. Cooler in any way you want to take it.

Ken Hamlin

Can't stand gloves. Needed grip... GRIPADS!!

I own a gym in Florida. Someone left their gripads in a cubby. A couple weeks went by. No one came to pick them up. I decided to try them out one day. I was sold within my first two sets. More confident grip, no sliding on bars, less strain on hands without the limitations gloves have. Purchased a bunch of pairs the next day.


I love your product!

I just wanted to let you know how much I love your product! Regular lifting gloves bugged between my fingers or the fingers weren't big enough (being 5'11'' woman, I have big hands!) and didn't have enough padding. My husband and I ordered Gripads for the first time 4 years ago. They are FANTASTIC!!! Best workout gloves over, and my finger pits don't get sweaty!! I destroyed that pair, all the grippy padding fell off, so we ordered another pair. I have now destroyed THAT pair as well, as well as gotten in the best shape of my life! Being a teacher and working out in the gym to work off the stress of the day before I go home, Gripads helps me lift heavy and not kill my hands. Thank you so much for creating such an amazing product!

Heather Crisp

Very pleased.

Very happy with this purchase.  The grip is great. No slipping on pull ups or bars.  I love them!

Trish 01/09/2015
The gripad are amazing . I couldn't trained without them.

Your hands are almost free compare to gloves. the gripads gives a better adherence when you pull for your back. They are the best equipment I use since I'm training. I'm training since 14 years and I discovered the gripads 6 years ago. Try them and you will adopt them.

Fernand 12/30/2014
hand savior

By far the best weightlifting gloves I've ever used. A great value for a great product. They are very comfortable and help maintain your grip.

Duke 11/22/2014
super produit je préfère au gant

Super produit je recommande

yannick 11/18/2014
Very 'handy' product

I love my gripads - some weights at the gym have very rough handles so these pads help a lot.  Reasonably priced and fast service. :)

Nancy 11/05/2014


Sharon DeMetz 10/30/2014
Easy on & off, comfortable

Easy to take on & off, doesn't make hands sweaty, and is comfortable.  Enhances grip.  I assumed the Belinda gloves would be fit for a female, but was disappointed when they showed up in regular size.  Otherwise, great product!

Michelle 10/10/2014
Great Company that makes a quality product

I saw their ad in a Muscle & Performance magazine, and kept them in mind. After me weightlifting gloves tore, I thought of them right away, and placed an order. My Grippads arrived, and I've been pretty enamored with them. My lone issue with the company is that I don't recall getting a shipping confirmation e-mail. Other than that, I'm completely satisfied.

Jason 09/18/2014
A pragmatic equipment for daily use at the gym

I would like to congratulate the owner of Gripads for bringing this idea to the market, and most importantly, for going global.

IMAD ELIA 09/10/2014
Very Comfortable.

These are great gloves and very comfortable. However, it doesn't take long for the palm face of the gloves to wear out.  They are layered with a very thin piece of rubber and when that is gone, you just have a very smooth surface that is not good to grip with. They should make the palm out of one piece of rubber with something like an embossed surface for grip. Or make a premium glove with a more durable material. I'm sure people would pay a bit more for that. I certainly would - if I knew the glove would last longer.

Michael 08/29/2014
legit workout gloves

I purchased these  for my wife because they had extra padding to prevent calluses from building.  She said they work fine, the only issue she's had is the finger straps were a little tight causing minimal discomfort.

Kraknskullz 08/01/2014
Gripads keep your hands dry while working out

Conventional work out gloves allow very little air into my hands and soon I'd myself feeling icky because of the sweats buildup.  However, I have no issues with Gripads.  Gripads allow me to have challenging working outs without the sweats.  With Gripads I no longer have to take off my gloves to air dry my hands intermittently.  This is a good thing because you don't have to waste time slipping off the gloves to air day. Also work out gloves might not be dry by the time you're ready to slip them in.  The only bad thing about Gripad is the four fingers placement construction.  I couldn't maximize my workout because when I put my fingers in those slots, the padding material didn't move in the right direction to provide the correct padding that I needed. So I ended up cutting the three slots but left one slot intact. By doing this I'm able have freedom in how I place the padding while maintaining adhesion and stability with the one slot finger placement construction.    Despite the inconvenient of cutting out the finger placement construction, I'm still happy with the product because Gripads keep my hands sweat-free during rigorous workout.

Darlene 07/26/2014
Great for BodyPump

I love my grip pads.  This is my second pair (lost first pair)  I use for BodyPump, easy to slip on and off.  More cushion than gloves and I find they are more comfortable than gloves.  Ordered just before July 4th holiday and they arrived very quickly.   Get yourself a pair!!

Marie 07/17/2014
Grip Pad Elites: believe the hype!!!

Egan in customer care is the best customer care I've had the pleasure of working with and grip pad elites are the best weightlifting gloves out there! Thanks for improving my gym experience tenfold!!!

Jonny Fine 06/23/2014
Love them so much I bought a second pair !!

Great quality , love them !!

4 star product

Very comfortable and well padded... definitely will recommend this product to everyone i see and i know that works out without gloves..

Byron 06/06/2014
Crossfit Competitor

Used these for "Murph" the other day and they worked great! Protected my hands better than my gloves have in the past. Could not believe how good my hands felt after 100 pull ups.
Jonathan S

Everyone should have these!!

These things are awesome... You can easily remove them and put them back on with ease... No more bulky gloves!!!!

Anthony Navarro 05/16/2014
Liked it

Worked great and were easy to get on and off as needed during workout. Even with small hands, adding this to grip wasn't a problem.

Becki Beggs 05/16/2014
Great Buy!

Item works as advertised. What more could you ask for. Comfortable fit and helps with hand fatigue while doing pull-ups.

Eric Monroe 05/16/2014
Had a pair for years!

Okay, so I had these a long time and just fell in love with them! I like these better than the $50 VERSA Grips I have!These are so light, airy, cushiony, easy to slip on & off when ever (such as between sets, bath room breaks), improve your grip, help you focus more on form versus (damn! losing my grip!), and you can throw em' in the washer. Read another review where the user is complaining about the quality. I highly recommend these. I do all the compound lifts as well as bodybuilding accessory work and these work for everything! Oh and unassisted pull-ups/chins... These are the bee's knees!


Mayra 05/16/2014
These grip pad gloves are great item especially

These grip pad gloves are great item especially if you are lifting weights on a consist bases . They don't smell like sweat like ordinary gloves because these grip pad gloves are not concealed they are open so air can flow through...I recommend them.

Yushkah 02/19/2014

No sweaty hands plus a crushing death grip equals new found power! Cushioned death grip to boot! Bye bye calluses!

C. Glenn 01/04/2014
Money well spend. No lie

I will recommend to anyone that work out hard and tired of those other wack ass gloves that makes your hands hurt and work out boring.

Anthony N 12/27/2013
Great Job

Thanks a lot for your excellent service, fast shipping and great communication.

Jose D 12/27/2013
Wonderful needed accessory

Great way to work out as hard as a dude while staying the soft lady I am

Molena W. 12/20/2013
Awesome product. Fast shipping

The grips are awesome. Had them for 3 weeks now still look brand new and I haven't touched my gloves since.

Gurinder 11/30/2013
Great hand and jewelry protector.

My wife and I do CrossFit. In CF you are continually using barbells which can not only rip and tear hands, they can scratch and scuff up jewelry like wedding bands. My wife didn't want her ring to get messed up so we bought a pair of Gripads. She not only loves that she got them in pink but loves the fact that it protects her hands and her wedding ring. Gripad is great not only for CrossFitters but for all men or women who workout.

Jared B. 11/30/2013
Great customer service and great product! Lives up to it's name

I love my gripads. A friend of mine had bought them and she let me try them in our boot camp class. I did the same for another friend and now several of us are wearing them! I don't like wearing gloves during my whole workout. My hands get sweaty and it's hard to take gloves on and off quickly and this causes me delays in between sets. Gripads slip on and off with ease and really protect my hands from the nubby textured hand weights and bars. And they are great for those outdoor workouts when we are doing pushups on asphalt! It makes a huge difference in my comfort level as I never liked thick gloves because they are too hot and confining. The only small caveat is that they grip so well (live up to their name of course) that they are not ideal for swinging heavy items such as kettlebells or swinging through monkey bars. No matter, it is not really an issue as my hands can now take it. I only bring that up because as a woman, my hands were rather sensitive at first, but I've been working out for years now and must admit some callouses on my palms (thank goodness). I am just getting used to not having them on during those exercises. It hasn't caused me any problems with blisters or soreness. I highly recommend them and have purchased 4 pairs so far - one to use now, one for my daugher, and two as backups. Oh and I didn't mention that they are also machine washable!! Terrific product!

Christine Pesce 11/30/2013
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