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The Advantages of Fingerless Weight Lifting Gloves

The Advantages of Fingerless Weight Lifting Gloves

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With the multitude of options available to you, it may take some time to discover which types are the best weight lifting gloves. For many, fingerless gloves are the go-to option for a variety of reasons, including maximized protection with minimal coverage.

If you’re looking for the best pair of weight lifting gloves, fingerless ones can offer a variety of benefits—we share a few below.

Why the Best Weight Lifting Gloves are Fingerless

Helping you keep proper technique and hand grip. Fingerless gloves allow your hands to have freedom of movement. You are not restricted by full-fingered gloves keeping your hand locked into a certain position. Fingerless gloves let you choose how and where to place your hands, reducing discomfort and helping you keep safe technique.

Reducing sweat. Wearing gloves that only covers your palms helps to reduce the amount of sweating while you’re working out. Since sweat can be annoying and uncomfortable, a fingerless glove helps you keep cool and able to focus on your lifting instead of pulling and tugging at a full glove.

Less effort tobend the glove. The December 2009 issue of Human Factors, researched the effect of gloves on grip strength. It reports that subjects wearing full gloves used more effort to grip things due to the extra material on their hands. Fingerless gloves eliminate this wasted energy. You get the protection benefits from the pad, but do not have to use unnecessary strength to move the material. Therefore, you save every ounce of strength for your lifting.

Won’t stain your hands. A full glove, depending on the material, may bleed color onto your hands. Not only is this unsightly, it also takes time to remove the color—time better spent on other things. A fingerless glove only covers the palm of your hand and the neoprene material will not transfer color to your skin.

Less smelly on your hands and in your bag. Full gloves may absorb your sweat, the metal from the bars, or germs from machines or free weight equipment. These scents can linger on the material and seem to multiply when they are left in your closed gym bag. The odors can also remain on your hands. A fingerless glove does not have these same concerns as most of your hands are exposed to the air.

There you have it—these are the reasons fingerless gloves are the best weight lifting gloves around. Grab a pair from Gripad today!

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