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The Benefits of Working Out with a Partner

The Benefits of Working Out with a Partner

weight training benefitsIf you’ve been training solo, you are missing out on the many weight training benefits of exercising with a partner. Not only does working out with a partner better help you pass the time, you will discover you’re more accountable since you know someone is waiting for you. Workout consistency is another benefit as you’ll both need to schedule the workout and keep the appointment.

Below, we’ve listed a variety of other benefits of working out with a partner.

Major Benefits of Working Out with a Partner

You work harder when you train with a partner. Regardless of how competitive you are or aren’t, you will undoubtedly push yourself harder when you are exercising with someone else. The idea behind this motivation response—also known as the Koehler Effect—is that you do not want to be the weakest link and will push yourself beyond what you could when exercising alone. Working out with a partner can ultimately help you overcome plateaus and reach your goals quicker.

Your form is better. Having a partner there to watch you exercise, or stand next to you as you perform the routine together, boosts your form. Improved form will help you reduce your risk of injury and enable to you to achieve such weight training benefits as greater strength and muscle size.

Your workouts remain varied. Another major benefit of weight training with a partner is that they can introduce you to new weight training exercises. As a result, you will be less likely to hit a plateau since your workouts will change every week, and your muscles will remain stimulated and responsive. Plus, working out with a partner—especially a friend—makes it less intimidating and easier to try new things.

You return to the fun of exercise. Remember when you first stepped into the gym and everything was new and exciting? If you are stuck in a rut and now find yourself going to the gym simply for the weight training benefits, grab a partner and return to the fun of working out. Remember: it is ok to smile or even laugh while you are lifting! When you train with a trusted partner, you’ll find yourself looking forward to the workouts again instead of dreading them.

You can share equipment. Grab your weight lifting gloves and take turns with your partner when using resistance equipment such as a machine or free weights. During your work phase, your partner rests and vice versa. This reduces the risk of the machine or weights being taken by someone else during the busy gym hours. As a result, you do not have to wait for equipment and can finish your workout in a shorter amount of time.

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