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The Best Gifts to Get the Bodybuilders in Your Life

The Best Gifts to Get the Bodybuilders in Your Life

gifts for bodybuildersFor many, bodybuilding is more than just a hobby—it’s truly a way of life. If you have a bodybuilder in yours, you want to get the perfect gift for that special someone. Whether you are searching for a birthday or holiday surprise or just something to say you care, these gifts for bodybuilders will hit the mark.

7 Top Gifts for Bodybuilders

1. “Odor-Free” Gym Bag. One of the best gifts for bodybuilders is a new gym bag. Your bodybuilder stores many things in a gym bag from training gloves and shoes to sweaty gym clothes. Select a bag that is anti-microbial, or throw in a few deodorizers to make the bag (and the car transporting) it smell better.

2. Wearable Tech. The number one fitness trend for 2016 is wearable fitness technology. If your bodybuilder does not have one, gift them a fitness tracker that he or she can wear while exercising. It’s a great way to track steps and calories burned, and some even monitor heart rate and sleep patterns.

3. Dual Shaker. If your bodybuilder enjoys mixing protein powder with water or milk, a portable, dual shaker can keep ingredients separate until ready to be consumed. The shaker easily stores in the gym bag for mess-free transportation to and from the gym.

4. Colorful Hand Grips. Show your love and support of your bodybuilder’s pursuits by buying him or her a set of colorful weight lifting hand grips. Choose from hand-protection options that cover the entire hand, or go for a simplistic style and select a pad that covers the grip area. Your bodybuilder’s hands will remain smooth and callus-free.

5. Foam Roller. Surprise your bodybuilder with a foam roller designed to be used after intense workouts. Self-rolling helps to reduce muscle pain and discomfort and also increases flexibility. With the reduction of muscle soreness, your bodybuilder may also experience an improvement in performance.

6. Personalized Gifts. Select a personalized water bottle, wrist wrap or sweat band for your bodybuilder. Personalized gifts for bodybuilders are both functional and sentimental, and guaranteed to be treasured for years.

7. KT Tape. To help reduce injuries and enhance recovery time, purchase a roll or two of KT tape for the bodybuilder in your life. When placed on the muscles in a specific pattern, the tape helps to support weakened areas and allows bodybuilders to continue their workouts without pain.

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