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The Biggest Benefits to Wearing Weight Lifting Gloves

The Biggest Benefits to Wearing Weight Lifting Gloves

dumbbells-932426_960_720You are in the middle of an intense lifting session. Your muscles are at peak performance today and your energy level is high. The one thing missing? Weight lifting gloves. Your results, progress and safety are limited if you are not wearing weight lifting gloves. Not convinced? Read on to discover the biggest benefits to wearing weight lifting gloves:

Eliminate Calluses- Calluses are caused by the friction of weight training tools against your skin. When you repeatedly lift, the bar of dumbbells, barbells and machines rubs against your palms and causes calluses. These areas of hardened skin may rip during your workout if left unprotected. Gloves protect your hands from developing large calluses and also prevent the calluses from ripping which will delay your workout progress.

Improve Grip- An ideally placed workout glove improves your grip strength. The glove does this in two ways. First, if your hands are sweaty, a weight lifting glove absorbs the liquid and lessens the chance the weight will slip out of your hands. Second, the glove provides additional cushioning in areas that are in contact with the bar. This increases your grip strength and allows you to lift heavy weight loads that challenge your muscles and not your grip.

Increase Comfort- If your hands are sensitive to the rough edges of the bars, weight training gloves provide a barrier to increase your comfort level. Or, if you exercise in a cold environment, grasping a cold bar can be torture during a long workout set. Gloves protect your hands from extreme textures and temperature changes so you are comfortable during your workout session. If you are comfortable, chances are your workout will last longer and bring more results.

Enhance Technique- Bulky training gloves may interfere with your workout technique. However, a thin weight lifting glove or pad that protects your hands and offers grip stability, will enhance your technique. You are free to concentrate on joint movement to target the highest number of muscle tissues instead of worrying whether the bar will slip or thinking about your callus pain. A thin barrier of protection between you and the bar goes a long way to enhancing your overall performance and improving your workout technique.

Weight training gloves offer an affordable solution to increase your performance and results. Plus, gloves protect you from workout injuries that may derail your progress. Purchase the ideal glove for your workout style, frequency and technique.

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