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Top Ab Training Mistakes

Top Ab Training Mistakes

Ab Training Pitfalls to Avoid

Want a flatter stomach and more toned abs? If you answered “yes,” don’t fall for all the fancy workout gizmos, latest DVDs and fad diets. The truth about abs is that there are many pitfalls to avoid on the way to getting a six pack, but you can avoid them by following these tips. So, do ab workouts reduce belly fat? Yes–if you do the right ones.

Don’t Over Crunch!

Crunches have long been the go-to ab exercise, and they can give your core a good workout, but the truth about abs is that there are many more effective ways to tone them. Certain popular exercises to flatten the stomach, like crunches, mainly just work on your rectus abdominus muscles. To work your whole core, grab your fitness gloves or workout grips and fight belly bulge with plank work, ballerina twists and other moves.

Don’t Do Too Many Reps

The truth about abs is that, if you are doing exercises properly, you really only need to do 8 to 15 reps to get the results you want and target your core muscles. Think about it – you wouldn’t do 100 reps when lifting weights with your fitness grips, so why would you do that many crunches a day? If you think doing that will spot-reduce fat from your gut, think again!

Focus on Form

Exercises to flatten the stomach and develop your core work best when you have correct form. During each movement, your abs should be deeply engaged. Pulling your belly button toward your spin can help you better engage more muscles and make each move you do more effective.

Don’t Neglect Your Whole Core

Your ab workout should focus on your whole core, not just the rectus abdominus muscles that run down your torso’s front. You also need to work your obliques (the muscles that run across your middle diagonally), your transverse abdominus (which runs below the rectus abdominus) and your back. What are your favorite ab exercises? And do ab workouts reduce belly fat for you? Share your top picks with our readers in the comments below!
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