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Top Tips for Combatting Winter Weight Gain

Top Tips for Combatting Winter Weight Gain

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Winter weight gain is common for men and women, and may be the result of eating too much food over the holidays, your body’s natural inclination to keep you warm, or a decrease in activity due to less time outside. No matter the reasons for how the pounds creep on, you can combat winter weight gain by weight lifting for fat loss. Weight lifting may burn more calories than you thought, plus muscle tissue requires more calories than fat tissue to sustain itself. Below, we share weight lifting tips to incorporate into your routine to reduce winter weight gain.

7 Weight Lifting Tips for Winter Fat Loss

  1. Do it Daily. Perform weight lifting exercises daily to boost the number of calories you burn. However, do not perform the same routine every day. Alternate the muscle groups you focus on to allow time for repair and recovery, but aim to do some type of resistance training daily.
  1. Eat Smart. Fuel your workouts by eating a variety of healthy, lean proteins to support muscle growth and avoid weight gain. Choose from foods such as turkey, chicken, and eggs as your major protein sources.
  1. Get Creative. Perform bodyweight exercises throughout the day to burn calories and increase muscle tissue. For example, do a set of squats or lunges while brushing your teeth, or complete a round of push-ups before bed. Lunges burn approximately 9.33 calories each minute.
  1. Keep Intensity High. Keep up your intensity level to burn a higher number of calories and induce an interval type of workout. During weight training your heart rate should elevate to an anaerobic level, and between sets it returns to a recovery heart rate. This pattern, when you remain consistent throughout your workout session, increases your hourly calorie burn and helps to prevent weight gain.
  1. Stick to It. Schedule your workouts into your calendar. Keep your workout appointments the same way you keep other important appointments or dates. Dedicate your hour a day at the gym to bettering yourself and staying on a healthy track.
  1. Weigh Yourself. You may not have a scale at home, but use the one at the gym to monitor your progress. After a holiday dinner, party or date, step on the scale to remind yourself of your goals. You want to be able to fit into your clothes throughout the spring and summer months, so stick to consuming a healthy number of calories and aim to burn off any extras you may consume through weight training.
  1. Rest and Recover. Put your weight lifting gloves away and allow yourself time to rest and recover after your workouts. It is important to get adequate amounts of sleep throughout the winter so your body returns strong and motivated for your workouts.
We hope these weight lifting tips for fat loss will help get you started and on the right track!
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