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Weight Training for Weight Loss? Here Are 4 Things You Should Know

Weight Training for Weight Loss? Here Are 4 Things You Should Know

weight training for weight lossYou’ve been spending hours a week exercising, but maybe you’re not seeing the results you desire. If your goal is weight loss but your time on the treadmill isn’t getting you the body you want, try weight training for weight loss. If you are under the misconception that weight training will add to that number on the scale, leave your concerns behind and check out four things you need to know.

4 Things You Need to Know About Weight Training for Weight Loss

  1. Weight training increases your strength. Weight training improves your strength by increasing the number of muscle fibers you have. Muscle fibers require more calories than fat to sustain themselves—the more muscle tissue you have, the more calories you burn each day just by being alive. Muscle tissue increases your metabolism and helps you lose weight.
  2. Weight loss won’t happen overnight. Does this process happen overnight? No. You are required to put in the time and dedication. Weight training makes this easier however, as you typically see results faster through lifting weights than you do when walking or cycling. For instance, you may notice you are able to lift heavier weights, or you might begin to see a definition line in your shoulder. All these little things keep you dedicated because you are seeing results.
  3. Weight training does not facilitate weight loss on its own. You also need to eat ahealthy dietto support your weight loss efforts. Choose from a variety of lean meats—such as chicken and turkey—that provide protein to help build your muscle tissue. You also need carbohydrates in the form of whole-grains to provide energy for your workouts. Combine these with low-fat calcium to maintain healthy bones and a variety of fruits and vegetables for vitamins and minerals, and you are on your way to losing weight.
  1. You shouldn’t be afraid to go big. Do not be afraid to use heavier weights and a variety of exercises to stimulate muscle growth. If you are usingweight training for weight loss, select a weight load at which you can complete two or three sets of eight to 10 repetitions. When you use light weights and heavy reps, you are delaying your weight loss results. Instead, select a slightly heavier load and challenge your muscles to respond. Always allow for a day of rest between workouts for muscle recovery—you want grab your weight lifting gloves and return to your next workout session feeling completely refreshed.

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