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You’ve got the right shoes, the hottest gym clothes and your nutrition and lifting routine is on point – but what about those weight training gloves? Weight training gloves are one of those items that we tend to overlook. Typically, we don’t put much thought into the type of workout gloves we use, but that’s not a great idea. The right gloves can make all the difference in your workout, protecting you from injury and helping you get maximum results.   There isn’t much of a selection when it comes to women’s workout gloves. Most look too bulky and masculine, and the women’s lifting gloves that actually look stylish are often cheap and flimsy (more about vanity than performance.) You know that modern women hit the gym and the weights hard. As a woman, you require weight training gloves that keep up with your routine and deliver maximum results.  


So, why are Gripads the best workout gloves for women? Gripad workout gloves for women are the best because they offer a unique blend of style, function and performance. Constructed of high quality Neoprene, they deliver maximum moisture protection and superior grip. These innovative lifting gloves, with a patented “pad” design, offer total flexibility, leaving the fingers and thumbs free. Gripads come with a “shark-skin” Neoprene bottom, offering women the advantage of increased grip and improved stability so that they can keep progressing. These and many other reasons are why Gripads are the best workout gloves for women on the market.  

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One of the biggest complaints that women have with traditional weight training gloves is that they leave the hands feeling rough from calluses. No woman wants to have hands that are rough and hard, and calluses can actually affect performance in the weight room. Another complaint is that women’s workout gloves get too sweaty, causing odors that don’t easily wash out. Gripad has changed that with a quality design that eliminates sweat and slippage and offers ample cushion and support. Gripad women’s lifting gloves leave your hands soft and smooth while you’re building attractive muscles. Gripad gloves are perfect for weight training, dumbbells and kettlebells, CrossFit, spin class, rowing machines, and group fitness classes. Gripad weight training gloves come in several stylish colors with sleek designs and look as good as they feel.  


If you’re in the market for lifting gloves you have to check out Gripad. Gripad weight lifting gloves helps women achieve maximum results at the gym and take their workouts to the next level. Gripad’s patented women’s lifting gloves combine sleek and fashionable design with top-notch performance—and what’s more, they give back! Be sure to check out Gripad’s widely popular Pink Ribbon weight lifting gloves. A portion of sales from these stylish pink ribbon workout gloves goes to the National Breast Cancer Foundation to support their breast cancer initiatives and research.
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