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What to Know When Choosing Your Best Weight Training Gloves

What to Know When Choosing Your Best Weight Training Gloves

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Your weight training gloves can be a crucial factor in your success at the gym on a daily basis. When you slide your hands into the gloves, you often feel confident and ready to complete a powerful workout, knowing that your hands are protected. The best weight lifting gloves fulfill all your needs from coverage and breathability to grip and cushion.

If you’re in the process of choosing your next pair of weight lifting gloves and want to make sure they’re top-notch, consider the following factors:

Durability: Select a weight training glove that is made with quality. Choose a reputable company that guarantees their products. You will put these gloves through the ultimate test so be sure to select ones that will survive.

Fabric: The fabric of your weight lifting glove is an important factor to consider. Neoprene gloves—made out of synthetic rubber that is used for making wet suits—tend to absorb sweat and allow for a more secure grip than gloves made of nylon. It’s an excellent choice for lifting gloves as it is very durable and resists tearing.

Grip: One of the main functions of weight lifting gloves is that they should help you grasp the bar easier. Your gloves should provide you with a grip that is strong and secure. Some gloves even include additional grip bars that you hook onto barbells or pull-ups bars for safer positioning.

Wrist Guard: The style of the best weight lifting gloves for you will rely on personal preference. Some lifters prefer a glove to only cover their palms to protect their skin from the bars while others enjoy a full glove, but with fingerless tips for ease of use. Gloves are also available with wrist wraps to help keep your wrists stable, which is a good option if you have weak or injured wrists.

Fit: Your glove should “fit like a glove”. You shouldn’t be fussing with it during training or always adjusting the Velcro strap to get it to stay in place. Gloves are available in different sizes, so select a size, fabric, and style that slides on and stays put.

Cushion: Another factor to consider is whether you want the glove to provide extra cushioning for your palms. Some manufacturers place additional material or gel pads on the palms to reduce the amount of friction and pressure on the hands.

Breathability: If you are a heavy sweater, you may want a glove where the majority of the material is across your palms. You can select mesh gloves, or slide on pads that leave the backs of your hands exposed. This helps keep you cooler and reduces hand sweating, which can interfere with a strong workout.

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