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Workout Diet Solutions: The Best Natural Pre-Workout Foods

Workout Diet Solutions: The Best Natural Pre-Workout Foods

Achieve Your Fitness Goals More Effectively By Choosing the Best Pre-Workout Foods

Whether you are scheduled to do some weight training exercises or a cardio session, adding the right kinds of foods in your regular workout diet will give you the energy you need to sustain your workout, prevent muscle breakdown and significantly increase muscle mass. So, what should your pre-workout diet look like? As a general rule, your pre-workout meal should consist of a healthy mixture of slow-burning carbs and high quality protein sources. Your carbs should make up about 65% to 70% of the total calories while your protein source should provide about 15% of your calorie requirement. Dietary fat intake should be kept to a minimum immediately before your workout since they are not easily digested by the body.

The Best Natural Pre-Workout Foods

Banana. Bananas contain easily digestible carbohydrates which provides a great energy boost and potassium which promotes better nerve and muscle function. Think of it as a natural power bar. Since our bodies don’t have the ability to store potassium for long periods of time, bananas are best eaten 30 minutes before heading out to the gym. Oats. Like bananas, oats are best taken 30 minutes before your workout. Oats are a rich source of fiber which provides a steady source of energy throughout your workout. It also contains significant amounts of the B vitamins which help convert complex carbohydrates into energy. Whole grain bread. Consider topping a slice of whole grain bread with honey or jam to provide additional energy. You can also take it with slices of turkey or low-fat cheese or pair it off with hard boiled eggs to provide a good protein source. Such meals should be taken at least 45 minutes before working out.  Greek yogurt. Just eight ounces of Greek yogurt can give you enough energy to sustain individual cardio or weight training sessions. For added energy, consider adding fruits, whole-grain cereal or honey. Brown rice with chicken. Do you prefer to do your workouts after lunch or dinner? If you do, consider preparing yourself a simple meal such as brown rice with chicken or tofu. Just make sure you eat such meals at least an hour or two before working out since exercising on a full stomach can make you feel sluggish and increase your risk for stomach cramps. Your pre-workout diet can contribute to the success of your workout program so don’t forget to eat first the next time you head out to the gym. It helps.
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