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Workout Gloves Correct foundations are what a great workouts are built on – one key to building proper foundations are great workout gloves. Your hands are the most direct point of contact for activities in the weight room; whether a bench press or a bicep curl. This puts a lot of stress and strain on your hands. Flimsy workout gloves offer little padding or moisture wicking, which lead to sweaty and calloused hands. Wearing cheap gym gloves compromise results in the weight floor and your safety.   Better Weight Training Gloves Past designs of weight training gloves resembled a regular glove with leather gripping and the fingertips cut off. The problem with these lifting gloves is they provide very little padding and protection, which can cause serious injury and unsightly calluses. Traditional weight training gloves do not allow for air-flow resulting in sweaty hands and increase risk of slipping weight from loss of grip. Finally, the typical lifting glove does not provide flexibility. Restricting your fingers from a natural position compromises lifting form in the weight floor. The creators of Gripad gym gloves were sick of seeing safety and good form compromised due to subpar gym gloves. That is why they created a totally different type of weight lifting glove.   Why Gripad Lifting Gloves are Different Gripad lifting gloves prove that not all lifting gloves are designed for optimal performance. The Gripad weight lifting glove, made of 100-percent Neoprene, delivers better grip and form through sweat and slip-proof performance. Unlike a typical lifting glove, the Gripad weight lifting glove provides incredible flexibility with its unique design. Instead of looking like a typical glove, the Gripad weight lifting glove leaves the fingers completely free, to grip the weights exactly the way you need. Gripad lifting gloves also feature heavy-duty padding, that help protect hands and cushion against heavy weights. The support, range and ventilation that Gripad weight lifting gloves provide are changing the way people lift via improved form and reduced injuries. As a bonus, Gripad lifting gloves are stylish and look as great as they perform.   Gripad Weight Training Gloves If you’re ready to experience the best in weight training gloves, choose Gripad. Fitness buffs that made the switch to Gripad from regular gloves never go back. Once you try these incredible lifting gloves, you will agree. Take your workout to the next level.  Get the workout gloves that are in a class of their own: Gripad. To buy Gripad workout gloves, check out Gripad’s online storetoday.  
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