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Workout Grips A great workout starts with great workout grips. Consider your hands are in direct contact between with your weights or workout equipment. Top quality workout grips help you create a firm grip on your weights improving form, increasing results and reducing chance of injury from slippage. Any fitness pro will agree that when it comes to getting results consistently using proper form is more important than your reps or failure weight. One simple way to markedly improve your form is with great workout gloves. Why Workout Gloves Matter A big mistake most of us make is not putting adequate thought into our workout gloves. Workout gloves are a barrier between you and the bar or dumbbell. This point of contact creates friction on your hand that is intense. Using subpar workout grips increases the risk of injury from sweating, slippage, chafing, calluses, and poor form. The typical workout glove is flimsy leather that without much padding, sweat control or flexibility. The creators of Gripad workout gloves knew this wouldn’t cut it. Gripad workout grips are unlike anything you’ve seen before. The open “pad” design that leaves the hands and thumb free vastly increases range of motion allowing for maximum. Gripad workout gloves are made from high quality Neoprene, to deliver moisture protection and a great grip. A great weight lifting glove that improves performance and leaves your results on the weight room floor. Stylish Weight Lifting Gloves High performance weight lifting gloves shouldn’t just feel great, they should look great, too. Like most of us, you care about how you look at the gym; it’s a great way to show off all that hard work you’ve put into your body. Putting on great fitting and great looking workout gear helps you feel more confident in the gym. Why are you still using those old sweaty weight lifting gloves? Gripad workout gloves are built on performance, but are also incredibly modern and stylish. Gripad offers fashionable options in lifting gloves for women and weight lifting gloves for men. Gripad has a special pink series targeted for women that helps support breast cancer charities. Workout grips that do good while looking great? What’s not to love about that? Buying the Best Lifting Gloves Ready to buy the best lifting gloves on the market? It’s time to get to know Gripad. There are many great reasons to buy Gripad lifting gloves; maximum performance, superior cushioning, ultimate flexibility and an innovative and stylish design. To see Gripad’s line of workout grips for yourself, visit our website today.  
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