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About Gripad Weight Lifting Gloves

Gripad provides the best weight lifting gloves and hand grips for men and women around the world. Gripad’s unique weight lifting gloves feature a patented design that utilizes top materials such as neoprene, eliminating instances of odor, sweat, bacteria, and color staining. Thousands of people choose Gripads as their weight lifting gloves of choice.

Why are Gripad’s the best weight lifting hand grips in the world? Because not only do they provide minimum coverage by covering only the essential parts of your hands, these weight lifting gloves also provide maximum protection so you can feel secure during every work out. Compared to regular, more traditional weight lifting gloves, Gripad’s gloves are an innovative hand protection solution for beginning and experienced gym-goers alike.

You can use Gripad’s top quality weight lifting gloves and hand grips for a variety of gym activites, such as those including kettlebells, dumbbells, pushups, barbells, rowing, and so much more. But no matter what exercise you’re doing, you can be confident that you’re doing it with the best weight lifting grips on the market. Why? Because the best weight lifting grips aren’t grips at all—they’re Gripads.

Gripad Prevents

Gripad prevents

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Best things ever

Best things ever. I have Lupus and very sensitive skin on my hands and fingers so these are a life saver. Seriously been using these EVERYDAY for the past 2 years, my first pair lasted 2 years!


Very pleased.

Very happy with this purchase.  The grip is great. No slipping on pull ups or bars.  I love them!


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About the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.

Our company believes an active and healthy lifestyle is the key to happiness. Even when personal circumstances are unfair, this commitment improves any outcome. This is why Gripad has partnered with the National Breast Cancer Foundation to help find a cure. Not giving in is a mandatory element in battling illness and succeeding in athletic goals; both engender our company philosophy. Now with every purchase of NBCF Pink Ribbon Gripads, a portion of the proceeds goes to help women find a cure. Whether helping cope with the devastating news using the Beyond the Shock program or aiding in early detection, education, and community outreach NBCF’s objectives are the same as ours; genuine dedication to help find a cure and assistance for those in need.

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