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  • What is the Gripad Affiliate Program..?

    What’s an affiliate you ask? Well, joining the Gripad Affiliate Program will allow you to help others to find out the wonders of the Gripad weightlifting glove. As part of the affiliate program, you will effectively market the gloves to the general public – and in doing so – will get paid for each new customer you bring us. Come again..? Here’s how this whole thing works… A visitor you help send our way via referral will click on an affiliate link from your site or through an email message to get started. Their IP address is logged into our site and a cookie is placed in their browser. If and when the visitor decides to order, their purchase will be registered as a sale for you – It’s that easy. Gripad will review the sale, approve it, and you will receive your commission payouts on the 15th of every… Read More >>
Very pleased.

Very happy with this purchase.  The grip is great. No slipping on pull ups or bars.  I love them!

The gripad are amazing . I couldn't trained without them.

Your hands are almost free compare to gloves. the gripads gives a better adherence when you pull for your back. They are the best equipment I use since I'm training. I'm training since 14 years and I discovered the gripads 6 years ago. Try them and you will adopt them.

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About the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.

Our company believes an active and healthy lifestyle is the key to happiness. Even when personal circumstances are unfair, this commitment improves any outcome. This is why Gripad has partnered with the National Breast Cancer Foundation to help find a cure. Not giving in is a mandatory element in battling illness and succeeding in athletic goals; both engender our company philosophy. Now with every purchase of NBCF Pink Ribbon Gripads a portion of the proceeds go to help women in their various programs. Whether helping cope with the devastating news using the Beyond the Shock program or aiding in early detection, education, and community outreach the NBCF objectives are the same as Gripads’; genuine dedication to help find a cure and assistance for those in need.

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