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At GRIPAD USA, we Believe that to maximize results from exercise one needs to have the correct accessories. This is only half the story as there is much to improve in the conventional fitness industry. In this fluid environment innovation is paramount. GRIPAD USA is fortunate to be one of those leading companies. We aim to improve the workout experience by making it safer, more hygienic, more effective, advanced and “smart”. We develop products for everyone, independent of age, fitness level or goals. It takes thoughtful development to introduce disruptive products but the unstoppable growth of the global fitness industry keeps us positive that our innovative products will become the standard. We are here to deliver, are you here to try?

the Story

GRIPAD USA was born from the bonds of childhood friendship. Roy, Barak and Avi all shared a love of sports especially bodybuilding, surfing and track. In 2003 after refusing to use conventional gym gloves Roy designed a pad from his neoprene wetsuit. Showing the design to Avi, the two decided to introduce the innovative product in their local market. In 2007, after a great response they approached Barak in New York to expand sales. In January 2008, the three founded GRIPAD USA LLC to launch in America. Since then GRIPAD sales have expanded to over thirty five different countries, with distributors from South America to Asia. GRIPAD collaborates with various fitness chains and nutrition companies and is found in retailers worldwide. GRIPAD has been endorsed by 8x Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman and partners with the National Breast Cancer Foundation.
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