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OK, you’re tough, that’s a given. But you joined CrossFit to get fit, not to destroy your hands. It’s true that Gripad CrossFit gloves won’t get you through a Burpees Intensive WOD. But, when you’re busting out hundreds of pull-ups without bleeding hands, you’ll appreciate the many benefits of wearing Gripads, including:

- Padded grips that wick away sweat and prevent bleeding, blisters, and calluses.

- Relief for your hands so you can lift more weight.

- The ability to train harder longer and more frequently.

- Elimination of odor and bacteria.

Don’t buy into the argument that only bare hands give you a true grip! The innovative design of Gripad CrossFit gloves & grips proves that this is not the case. You can still get that barehanded feel without the associated ripping, blistering, and chaffing. Gripad CrossFit gloves will not lessen your grip strength or get in the way of you achieving your fitness goals, in fact, they’re the best gloves to get you there.


The best workout gloves for CrossFit involve grips. And unlike with traditional, fully-covered fitness gloves, Gripad’s are the best CrossFit gloves because they serve as an aid to your lifting routine, not a crutch. Gripad’s CrossFit grips have a unique design that creates a dynamic grip to help you maximize your workout. You maintain full grip strength with our Crossfit gloves because they allow the weight bar to move from your knuckles to the heel of your hand freely. These types of exercises still require substantial grip strength, and Gripad gloves provide you this while leaving your hands unpunished in the process. The best CrossFit gloves and grips are Gripads.

Whether you’re training with a barbell, dumbbell, kettlebells, rowing, rope climbing, or chinning, use the best workout gloves for CrossFit: Gripads. And next time you’re at the Box (or, anywhere else where there’s blood and chalk littering the floor), hand a pair of Gripad CrossFit gloves to the athlete next to you. Their hands will thank you.

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