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Gripad Classic & Wrist Wrap Bundle – Black/White

Classic Wrist Bundle_Black
Black & white Gripad WristBlack & white Gripad Wrist_UnrolledGripad Classic - Black

Gripad Classic & Wrist Wrap Bundle – Black/White

$34.90 $26.18


Gripad Classic & Gripad Wrist Warps Bundle!


– 1 pair x Black/white Gripad Classic

– 1 pair x Black/white  Gripad Wrist Warps:

  • 12″ inch high quality stretchable wrap
  • 2 size thumb loops:  for different hand sizes
  • Rubber “puller”: for easy application / removal of product
  • Inverted Velcro: soft Velcro side on puller to prevent sticking to clothes
  • One-size-fits most
  • Unisex: Great for both men and women

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